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Ralf Männlein
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Ralf Männlein

Company: empiriecom
Title: CEO
Location: Burgkunstadt
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Ralf Männlein is CEO of both empiriecom and octobo, two companies belonging to the otto group, active in e-commerce and online marketing.
He graduated as an industrial engineer at the University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt and since then has been working for several companies like Loewe Opta, Alcatel or Bosch as a Sales Manager. After being Member of the Executive Boards at Bosch, Beta Systems and Intershop Communications he founded SMC, a company advising on omni-channel commerce. At the same time, Ralf Männlein is working freelance at MR-Consultatio, giving advice on general management, new business sector, omni-channel commerce and fulfillment.