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Ramin Assadollahi
ExB Group
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Ramin Assadollahi

Company: ExB Group
Title: CEO
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: assadollahi

Ramin Assadollahi is the CEO of ExB Labs, a Cognitive Computing company that is re-defining efficiency along the entire healthcare continuum. In his role, he defines and evangelises the vision of a granular and interactive Artificial Intelligence that understands medical text and images. He is a linguist, neuroscientist and roboticist interested in urban farming, virtual reality and transhumanism.
As founder of ExB, he invented the world's first Next Word Prediction, a text input for mobile phones and in 2010, ExB sold the technology covering more than 70 languages to Nokia. He earned his a PhD in Clinical Psychology (Konstanz, Germany / MRC Cambridge, UK) researching language in the human brain after studying Natural Language Processing in Stuttgart and at the University College, London.