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Reese Schonfeld
CNN Food Network
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Reese Schonfeld

Company: CNN Food Network
Title: co-founder
Location: x, United States
Fields of operation: Media

Reese Schonfeld is an old-time New York news guy who started out working for the news wires and ended up co-founding CNN and Headline News with Ted Turner in 1979. He was president and chief executive officer of CNN until 1982, when Turner decided to run the first 24-hour news networks himself. Schonfeld went on to start News 12, the first 24-hour local news network, and helped create The Food Network, where he served as president and CEO. He recounts his career, the creation of CNN, and its subsequent troubles in his book, “Me and Ted Against the World: The Unauthorized Story of the Founding of CNN.” Schonfeld is still passionate about the news and believes CNN can still be innovative and regain an audience.