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Renato Soru
Tiscali Italia S.p.A.
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Renato Soru

Company: Tiscali Italia S.p.A.
Title: Member of the Board of Directors
Location: Cagliari, Italy
Fields of operation: Finance, Politics
Twitter: renatosoru

Renato Soru is member of the Board of Directors in Tiscali. He is also chairman of Tiscali Italia S.p.A. Graduated in Economics and Social Sciences at the Bocconi University in Milan, from 1985 to 1990 he worked in Milan for the CBI Merchant as a broker in stock and financial by products. In 1990 he focused his attention on expanding the business he had set up previously in retail development. In 1995 he launched Czech On Line, one of the first Internet Companies in Europe, which he rapidly established itself as the leading Internet Service Provider in Czech Republic. In 1998, following the liberalization of the Italian telecommunication market, he founded Tiscali. The company has been supported at the beginning of its activity by Kiwi, the fund held by Elserino Piol. Kiwi left Tiscali after two years, considering Tiscali definitely the best investment ever. In 2004 Renato Soru started a career as a politician and won the election for the Governorship of Sardinia, role he played till December 2008. After that, he came back to run the Tiscali business again, optimizing resources in order to re-launch the Company and its positioning towards the media sector and the brand new strategic Over The Top Services.