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Rick Y. Kim
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Rick Y. Kim

Company: Cyworld
Title: Director Global Business
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
Fields of operation: Other

Rick Y. Kim is an executive with 14 years of experience in the internet, IT, and media/entertainment industries. Through his background in sales, product marketing, marketing communications, strategy, and global business development, he has garnered a comprehensive outlook on the uniqueness of the Asian culture in business and everyday life. Rick's latest role is as lead of the global business team at SK Communications, a Korean internet portal company. In the past 12 months he was involved with setting up overseas operations in China and Japan , as well as formulating plans for U.S. and European operations. Rick grew up in Seoul and Hong Kong, and received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Yonsei University, the top rated private university in Korea . He is an avid early adopter of consumer technology and an outspoken proponent of the open web environment. He currently resides in Seoul , Korea with his wife. 2004.9 - Present: SK Communications Global Business Team, Cyworld Business Development Director 2003.3 - 2004.9: SK Communications Business Strategy Team Leader 2000.11 - 2002.7: FIFA Worldcup Taskforce Team, Project Manager 1999.9 - 2003.1: Yahoo! Korea Senior Marketing Manager Prior to 1999: Country Marketing Manager at Parametric Technology Corporation, a product development automation software company; International Label Manager, EMI Music Inc.