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Rob Glaser
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Rob Glaser

Company: RealNetworks
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: Seattle, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Media
Twitter: RobGlaser

Since founding RealNetworks in 1995, Rob Glaser has played an integral role in transforming the Internet into a mass medium. Under Mr. Glaser's direction, RealNetworks introduced the groundbreaking RealAudio product, followed quickly by RealVideo, RealPlayer and RealSystem technologies, moving television and radio from broadcast to the Internet. Rob returned to run Real in July 2012. Since then Real has reinvented itself for the new era of ubiquitous connectivity with new products such as RealPlayer Cloud and the just-release RealTImes. Rob is a graduate of Yale University, with a BA and an MA in Economics and a BS in Computer Science.