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Rob Grady
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Rob Grady

Company: Wetpaint
Title: COO
Location: Seattle, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: robgradyrg

As COO of Wetpaint, Rob is responsible for the development of the Wetpaint technology platform and Wetpaint Entertainment web property. Under Rob’s leadership, Wetpaint Entertainment has become one of the leading entertainment properties on the web, growing from zero to 12MM unique users in its first 18 months of existence. This rapid growth is due in large part to Wetpaint’s proprietary Social Distribution System, a technology-based social experimentation platform which grows audience by optimizing the packaging and distribution of every piece of content that is distributed to consumers on social networks. Rob’s career spans from early-stage startups to large consumer-branded companies, all of them focused on building exceptional consumer products and experiences. Since 1997 Rob has been leading teams focused on industry-changing innovation. Prior to joining Wetpaint in 2009, Rob spent nearly a decade with Starbucks, where he was Vice President-Global Beverage and Director of New Ventures for Starbucks’ U.S. operations. Prior to that, Rob worked in a variety of marketing and product roles at RealNetworks, the pioneer in Internet audio and video, where he led the team behind the RealPlayer, the most popular media player in the early years of the web. Rob, who began his career at Procter & Gamble, holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Stanford University.