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Robyn Shapiro
The Lowline
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Robyn Shapiro

Company: The Lowline
Title: Deputy Director
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: seekfood

Robyn Shapiro currently serves as Deputy Director for the Lowline, an effort to build the world’s first underground park in New York City in an abandoned historic trolley terminal. The project will utilize innovative solar technology to channel sunlight underground enabling photosynthesis, so plants and trees can grow in the future subterranean park. Shapiro’s role involves leading the Lowline’s community-oriented programming and serving as the Executive Producer for multiple large scale technology exhibitions: 2012 “Imagining the Lowline” and 2015 Lowline Lab. She was formerly an urban farmer and at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm and held domestic and global marketing roles at at Ralph Lauren, Saatchi & Saatchi, and SelectNY. Robyn received her undergraduate degree from Lafayette College as a double major in Business/Economics and Art. She is also a Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Fellow.