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Rodolfo Andragnes
Fundación Bitcoin Argentina
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Rodolfo Andragnes

Company: Fundación Bitcoin Argentina
Title: Vice President
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Finance

Former owner of bitcoins.com, he is co-founder and VP of the year old Fundación Bitcoin Argentina -one of the fastest growing Bitcoin communities around the world- and actually local chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation and Global Bitcoin Alliance. He is also serial entrepreneur in different areas and owner of a traditional College (culinary arts, tourism and others), and the first one taking Bitcoins as payment since over a year (CESYT). Lately, he has been the hoster of laBITconf -The First Latin American Bitcoin Conference- with over 35 top notch international speakers. About Argentina, it is a country undergoing a 35% annual inflation (+300% historic scenarios), foreign currency restrictions with a USD black market with a 100% spread, and had suffered the "Corralito" where all bank deposits were frozen and USD stolen (turned into pesos) back in 2001.