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Ronny Pecik
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Ronny Pecik

Title: Investor
Location: Austria
Fields of operation: Investor

Ronny Pecik is, through Victory AG, the largest shareholder of Swiss publicly listed OC Oerlikon AG (former Unaxis AG). Victory controls 50% of the 9.3 bn market cap swiss industrial conglomerate. Since Victory's investment into Oerlikon the share price rose from CHF 100 to CHF 648 over the last 18 months and Oerlikon was the best performer on the Swiss stock exchange. Since 17.01.2006 Victory controls additionally 20.1% in Ascom AG and is its largest shareholder. Ronny started his career as IT specialist at Austria's Länderbank and moved quickly into the derivate specialist unit of the ÖTOB, the derivative segment of the Viennese Stock Exchange in charge of of the Indexing and Arbitrage Segments. From 1996-2000 Ronny built up and led Ausrtia's RBB Bank and founded in 2000 M&A Bank, a specialist assetmanager & investment banking group, on which he still serves as Board member and is the single largest shareholder. Ronny is one of the founders and principal shareholders of the A-Tec Group, an austrian publicly listed industrial group and former investor in VA TECH (largest austrian industrial conglomerate) which he sold to Siemens AG. Ronny Pecik is one of the leading european long term industrial investors focussing on undervalued targets, supporting the growth and expansion of his portfolio companies.