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Rudolf Gröger
Gröger Management
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Rudolf Gröger

Company: Gröger Management
Title: -
Location: Baldham, Germany
Fields of operation: Other

Rudolf Gröger was born in 1954. In 1996 he started his career as a Spokesman of the German Management Board at Siemens AG (Information & Communication Products and SNI AG). In 1999 he joined the Deutsche Telekom AG and was Spokesman of the Board, Information- and Communications-Systems. 2001 he worked as a Managing Director of Sales & Distribution for the T-Systems GmbH, Regions and Business Lines. As a Managing Director of Sales & Distribution, International and Business Lines he represented the debis Systemhaus GmbH. In October 2001 he became CEO of O2 GmbH & Co. OHG Germany (former VIAG Interkom GmbH & Co). Since 04/2003 Rudolf Gröger is member of the board mm O2 plc. Rudolf Gröger is also member of WTB (Business and Economic Council) of the Bavarian Government and of the Board BITKOM. Rudolf Gröger left O2 in 2007 and started his own company Gröger Management GmbH. In 2009 he also became President of the Munich Business School.