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Ruthi Koren
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Ruthi Koren

Company: Oscar4b.com
Title: CEO
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service, Art, Design, Culture

Formerly CEO of Globes Yizum for seven years, possesses twenty five years of experience in the management, organization and planning of international and local business conferences. Established Oscar4B, a company specializing in creating content events in partnership with Orly Shani at the beginning of 1996. Since the founding of Oscar4b the company has produced and managed numerous events in Israel and around the world enhancing and assisting the innovation ecosystem. Events in China, Russia, Japan, USA, UK, and more. Our flag event, DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival (a week-long event) which we consider the highlight of our work, following a year long process of putting together startup companies and entrepreneurs with investors, multinational companies, Fortune 500 companies, academia, government, VC’s, opinion leaders and angels. The event includes over 100 co-events, conferences and cultural and social events by industry leaders and key players.