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Ryan Leslie
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Ryan Leslie

Fields of operation: Entertainment
Twitter: ryanleslie

Ryan Leslie, Cofounder & CEO, [Disruptive Multimedia](http://disruptivemultimedia.com/) is a Grammy nominated recording artist, multi-platinum producer, and avid technologist. In addition to logging studio time with Madonna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce, he launched the first internet pop star Cassie, who sold over 650K albums fueled by an aggressive pre-Twitter social media campaign on MySpace. Ryan is the architect and ultimate case study for Disruptive Multimedia (DMM)'s simple CRM for creators. Bravely opting to remove his latest album from iTunes, he used an inbound SMS campaign powered by DMM to earn over $475K in D2C revenue from just 14K fans, a 4x multiple of royalties received on his major label debut which sold 180K copies. He holds a BA in Government from Harvard.