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Ryan Panchadsaram
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Ryan Panchadsaram

Company: KPCB
Title: EIR
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Politics
Twitter: rypan

Ryan Panchadsaram is currently an EIR at venture capital firm KPCB. Formerly, he was the Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the United States in the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House.
Ryan helped shape how an $80 billion budget can be used by federal agencies to deliver on their missions in a more effective, design-centric, and data-driven way. In 2014, Time magazine featured Ryan on the cover as part of the crisis response team tasked with rescuing the rollout of Healthcare.gov. Prior to public service, Ryan was the head of Customer & Product at Ginger.io, a spin-off from MIT Media Lab, using big data to transform health. He was a Fellow at Rock Health, where his company Pipette was incubated and ultimately acquired by Ginger.io. He previously held product roles at Microsoft and Salesforce.com. During his time at Microsoft, he filed multiple patents for innovations in geolocation, user interfaces, and large datasets.
Ryan sits on the editorial board of the Big Data Journal. He graduated from University of California - Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.