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Sabrina Fox
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Sabrina Fox

Company: Author
Title: Author - Coach - Public Speaker - Artist
Location: Lengdorf, Germany
Fields of operation: Life & Health, Education

Sabrina Fox is a bestselling author, public speaker, meditation coach, sculptor and singer. In the past twenty years, she has authored more than a dozen books concerning the connection between mind, body and spirit and has given countless workshops and inspirational talks on the subject. It is her joy to inspire women of all ages to have faith in themselves and trust their own inner wisdom and intuition. Given the busy lives most of us lead, it is easy to ignore the messages our bodies send us. In order to play an amazing instrument—as the human body is—we need to listen, to practice and to appreciate what we have. Her latest exploration is the experiment of walking barefoot (since July 2014) and she has finishing a book on the subject. She started her career as a journalist and worked as a television host from 1984 to 1994, hosting a variety of programs, including “Good Morning Germany.” She is a clinical hypnotherapist, mediator and conflict coach. After living in California for sixteen years, Sabrina now divides her time between Munich and Los Angeles, where her grown daughter lives.