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Samuel Ross
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Samuel Ross

Company: A-Cold-Wall
Title: Designer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

A-COLD-WALL* exists within a conceptual space bordered by atypical contemporary design, citified cultural influence and audio/visual implementation. A sartorial response to London street culture and the zeitgeist of Britain's working class, Samuel Ross launched A-Cold-Wall* in the fall of 2015 to reflect hegemonic disparities and youth expression in contemporary fashion. A theme of stark urbanity is woven into the DNA of A-COLD-WALL* and recent creative impulses have yielded an array of collections symbolic of Ross’ commentary on his surroundings: the parallels between meticulous school day processes and the mundanity of the 9 to 5; disunity in Britain compounded by recent political upheavals; and the disenfranchised working class. Samuel Ross’ distinctly multidisciplinary vision is present in handcrafted graphic garments and silhouettes untethered by the need for symmetry. Each A-COLD-WALL* release blurs the line between materials and fabrics - fashion and the arts – and continues its conceptual trajectory.