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Sara D. Hürlimann
zahnarztzentrum.ch AG
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Sara D. Hürlimann

Company: zahnarztzentrum.ch AG
Title: CEO, Clinical & Marketing Director
Location: Winterthur, China
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Sarah Hürliman, born in 1972 in Sweden, studied dentistry at the University Göteborg and received her PhD in 2001 at the University Geneva. After working as an Assistant Dentist in different medical offices in west of Switzerland and Zurich. In 2003 along with her husband Christoph Hürliman she started the company zahnarztzentrum.ch. It has been a dentist office chain in German Switzerland and in Sweden since 2010. In her function as Co-CEO of the company, the 36 years old Sara Hürliman is Managing Director of the 13 offices in Switzerland. Together with her husband she also oversees the Human Resource development (right now 271 employees, 95 of them are dentists) and the marketing and expansion of the company zahnartzentrum.com. As a dentist Sara has the oral surgery (implantology) specialtist, and until recently she was often operating in one of her offices. Sara was “Entrepreneur of the year 2010," and is a married mother of four kids.