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Sebastian Sauder
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Sebastian Sauder

Company: dein-wohnheim.de
Location: Bayreuth, Germany
Fields of operation: Start-up, Digital, Technology

Sebastian Sauder is a Master student specializing in Marketing and Services at the University of Bayreuth.

During his bachelor studies he worked at a market research institute to evaluate online surveys. Furthermore, he worked as a campaign manager for an online-media-agency where he implemented the campaigns, controlled them and optimized them according to the relevant KPIs. After his bachelor he started his career in a management consultancy advising on eCommerce and implementing the leading Customer-Relationship-Management software “Salesforce”.

After advising large companies, Sebastian now focuses on founding his own business by taking part in the course “Entrepreneurial Business Design & Thinking” in his Master studies. There he creates a platform to facilitate the search for a dorm within the project “dein-wohnheim.de”.