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Shira Miasnik
Reshet TV
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Shira Miasnik

Company: Reshet TV
Title: Creative Product Manager
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Art, Design, Culture

Shira Miasnik works at the nexus of Experience Design, Product definition and Video Making. Designer and product definer of digital media products for the TV, Professional Music and Educational industries. Creator of digital-based performances and artifacts, in collaboration with multidisciplinary professionals. Among her works: ‘Kolot’ Video-Opera performed in Italy, ‘Solo Siento’ Dance&Video performed worldwide, arrived as a finalist at the Monaco Dance Forum for digital arts and dance, ‘Solo Siento’ Video Dance won 1st prize in Intl. video dance festival and was broadcasted on Spanish TV, ‘Ibn Ezra’ and ‘Belleli Trio’ Live music and video performances performed in Israel, creation of ‘KEE’, a digital instrument, won prizes in Taiwan and The Netherlands. Her Projects were published internationally in magazines Canadian ‘Applied Arts’, Dtuch ‘Items’, Russian ‘K’, Israel ‘Gallery’.