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Shirin Natour Hafi
Arabic High School in Lod
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Shirin Natour Hafi

Company: Arabic High School in Lod
Title: Principle
Location: Lod, Israel
Fields of operation: Education

Shirin Natour Hafi has been the Principle at the new Arabic High School in Lod since 2009. She speaks Arabic, Hebrew and English. She has been a teacher and classroom educator since 1997 and has specialized in Hebrew literature and writing. In September 2008 she was moderator at the LBM Project, on this Project participated eleven different schools. This project was under the responsibility of the Education Ministry. She received her BA in Humanities, Arabic and Israeli Literature at Bar-Ilan University in 1997 and her MA in Arabic, at Bar- Ilan University in 2006. She is currently married with three children.