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Shirin Ourmutchi
Soul Light Being - Shirin Ourmutchi
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Shirin Ourmutchi

Company: Soul Light Being - Shirin Ourmutchi
Title: Meditation Teacher
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Shirin Ourmutchi is a mindfulness-coach and holistic yoga-instructor. In her work she helps people to reconnect with their inner source, intuition, creativity and higher consciousness through mindfulness, body-/ and energy work. Growing up with a Persian father and a German mother, she learned how to conflate dualities and to draw inner strength from it.

Working as a photographer for many years, since the 2000s she went deeply into extensive yoga philosophy and practice. Shirin got certified as Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor from Spirit Yoga in Berlin and is inclined by the teachings of Mari Nil (Salubrious Work). She was trained in India (Rishikesh) and spend longer times with the Kundalinis, where she got profoundly touched and inspired by their heart- and energetic approach.

Since 2012 she works as mindful meditation and energy-coach on how to be more present and aligned. Shirin´s work on helping people in personal expansion and personal growth is guided by an approach of higher consciousness and how to stay deeply connected with your heart-space. She developed her own style of Soul Flow Yoga, which she teaches in classes and personal coachings and shares her approach to energy-and consciousness work in workshops and retreats allover the world.