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Shyam Sankar
Palantir Technologies
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Shyam Sankar

Company: Palantir Technologies
Title: Director of Forward Deployed Engineering
Location: Palo Alto, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: ssankar

Shyam Sankar is the Director of Forward Deployed Engineering at Palantir Technologies. As Director, Shyam is responsible for helping Palantir scale its operations and expand its global presence. In addition to day to day management of the entire company, Shyam leads Palantir’s Govern¬ment, Commercial, and Philanthropy engineering teams and main¬tains oversight of all deployments worldwide. A computer scientist, Shyam developed Palantir’s unique Forward Deployed Engineering approach, in which all customer outreach, user engagement, and product development is handled by qualified technical experts. Prior to Palantir, Shyam was Director of Business Development for Xoom Corporation, an international money transfer service funded by leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists. At Xoom, he developed a global network of financial institutions providing low-cost remit¬tance services to immigrant communities in Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America. Electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University and an M.S. in management science and engi¬neering from Stanford University.