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Simon Levene
Mosaic Ventures
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Simon Levene

Company: Mosaic Ventures
Title: Partner
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Investor
Twitter: slevene

Simon is a venture capitalist at Mosaic Ventures, a new $140M London-based fund focusing on Internet and software.
Previously Simon was a parter at Accel, and served as VP Corp Dev at Yahoo, and Dir Corp Dev at Excite@Home and its predecessor, @Home. His investments include Etsy, Squarespace, ResearchGate, Fotolia, Number Four and Clue. In the blockchain space, Mosaic has invested in Blockstream, Blockchain and Coin Sciences One of the founding partners of London’s Mosaic Ventures, Simon Levene has spent over 20 years in tech on both sides of the Atlantic, in operations and VC. His most notable investments include early bets on Etsy and Squarespace, each now worth more than $1bn. Simon co-founded Mosaic Ventures, the Series A focused venture firm, alongside partners Mike Chalfen and Toby Coppel in 2014, in order to bring their strong Silicon Valley networks and top-level experience to help Europe-based entrepreneurs that have global ambition. Simon began his career on the west coast, co-founding the international business of @Home Network (later Excite@Home). From 2001, Simon spent four years as VP Corp Dev for Yahoo!, moving back to Europe as the continent’s tech ecosystem was gaining momentum. Simon joined Accel London as a partner in 2006. During his time at Accel, and later as an angel and venture partner at Index, Simon invested at Series A in ResearchGate, Shapeways, Appcard, Knewton and MyHeritage; and Fotolia at Series B. At Mosaic, Simon focuses on platforms, blockchain, marketplaces, consumer services, and consumerized SaaS. He has led investments in Convoy, Nexar, Blockstream, Bonify, Enfore and Clue.