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Sofija Stefanovic
University of Belgrade / Biosense institute at University of Novi Sad
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Sofija Stefanovic

Company: University of Belgrade / Biosense institute at University of Novi Sad
Title: Professor of Physical Anthropology / Leader of Bioarchaeology Research Group
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Fields of operation: Education
Twitter: birth_erc

Prof. Dr. Sofija Stefanović is a Full Professor of Physical Anthropology, University of Belgrade and leader of Bioarchaeology research group at the Biosense institute, University of Novi Sad. Her research in the field of prehistoric bioarchaeology is devoted to investigating the ancient biosystems in order to obtain understanding of the phenomena relevant for the modern populations-e.g. the study of fertility.

She is the first scientist from Serbia who is supported by the European Research Council for the BIRTH project. Project investigates prehistoric fertility and why and how humans survived despite difficulties accompanying birthing process. Sofija actively participate in different bodes for improvement of conditions of archaeological heritage in Serbia (President of the Board of the Central Institute for Conservation, Belgrade), for creating better conditions for scientists in the region (Member of the Expert group for perspectives of junior scientists, founded by the German National Academy of Sciences), improvement of collaboration between science and industry (Member of the Council for Science-Industry Collaboration established by Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). She also has worked as a consultant for cultural heritage (i.e. Rio Tinto, Council of Europe).