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Stanley Yang
Neurosky, Inc.
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Stanley Yang

Company: Neurosky, Inc.
Title: Chairman & CEO
Location: San Jose, California, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: stanleysyang

As Chief Executive Officer of NeuroSky, Inc., Stanley Yang is the visionary behind the bio-sensor company that has quickly become the global leader in mass market Brain-Computer Interface technology. NeuroSky has developed a revolutionary non-invasive neural communication sensor that converts brainwaves and other bio-signals into digital electronic signals. This "ThinkGear" technology can control electronic devices, enable machines to adept to people, and further enhance education and research on creative applications powered by the brain. NeuroSky has forged successful partnerships with a broad range of companies from Fortune 500 industry leaders to innovative independent developers. Furthermore, NeuroSky leverages collaboration with a number of top domestic and international academic institutions to move technology out of the lab and into the marketplace. NeruoSky is Mr. Yang’s second successful Silicon Valley startup. Prior to NeuroSky, Mr. Yang served as Sr. Vice President of Business Development and CFO at Sage-N Research, Inc., developing super computing systems for proteomics applications. In 1997, Mr. Yang co-founded and served as President & CEO of Triscend Corporation, a configurable system-on-chip IC company. Triscend was successfully acquired by Xilinx, Inc. in March of 2004. Prior to Triscend Mr. Yang spent 11 years working at Xilinx, Inc. in various engineering and management positions. Stanley Yang received a BSEE from the University of California, Berkeley.