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Stefan Göppel
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Stefan Göppel

Company: RE'FLEKT GmbH
Location: Munich
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Stefan Göppel is a Senior Business Development Manager at RE’FLEKT GmbH, Europe’s leading Augmented and Virtual Reality Experts. He is based in the technology companies Munich Headquarters.

Stefan is responsible for tailoring products to sustainable market needs and utilizing the driving technologies of AR and VR to conceptualize individual projects to dedicated markets.

Stefan was an early AR adopter, interested in moving away from its gimmick usage and into a more efficient and useful integration of the technology. With the introduction of VR to the market, Stefan incorporated his AR approach to the sister technology. To date, he has been involved in over 50 AR and VR projects, giving him unique insights and experience in how these technologies could impact and improve our daily work and life.