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Stefanie Wahl
Denkwerk Zukunft - Stiftung kulturelle Erneuerung
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Stefanie Wahl

Company: Denkwerk Zukunft - Stiftung kulturelle Erneuerung
Title: Managing Director
Location: Bonn, Germany
Fields of operation: Science, Politics

Stefanie Wahl is managing director of Denkwerk Zukunft - Foundation for Cultural Renewal, a think tank that aims to contribute to more sustainable lifestyles than the present. Together with others she works on concepts of a post-growth economy and strategies on how to enable people to derive their life satisfaction from non-material sources. Before, Stefanie Wahl served as managing director of the Bonn Institute for Economic and Social Research (IWG BONN), where she was engaged in issues of demographic change, labour market developments and social security. Stefanie Wahl holds a degree of political science from the University of Geneva and is member of the advisory board of several German foundations.