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Stephan Breidenbach
knowledgeTools International GmbH
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Stephan Breidenbach

Company: knowledgeTools International GmbH
Title: Founder
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Education

Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidenbach is a law professor (European University Viadrina, University of Vienna) and a serial entrepreneur. He has acted as arbitrator (ICC, CAS) and mediator in numerous national and international disputes. In 2011/12 he coordinated the future dialogue for the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

For the last fifteen years Stephan has developed legal tech for legal practitioners. His company knowledgeTools© International develops contract and plea generators as well as knowledge management systems for large-scale litigations (Toll Collect) and legislation (German Federal Ministry of Justice). He is the co-founder of BE Food AG, BioWink (Clue), betterplace.org, Schule im Aufbruch and ReDI School for Digital Integration, amongst others.