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Stephanie Hospital
One Ragtime
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Stephanie Hospital

Company: One Ragtime
Title: Founder
Location: Neuilly, France
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Media
Twitter: stephhospital

Stephanie Hospital is Founder of One Ragtime, a new generation venture fund, marketplace and advisory company focused on scaling early stage European & Israelis startups in both Europe and the United States and working closely with Corporates. Prior to this, Stephanie was the Executive Vice President of Orange Digital, the Digital & New Growth Business Unit. She has an extensive international and management background in the digital, telecommunication and advertising sectors with a proven track record in setting up and growing new ventures, investing, building best-in-class teams and forming international partnerships. She enjoys being a mentor at Level 39, the leading tech accelerator in London and Axel Springer Plug&Play in Berlin. Till June 2015, Stephanie was an Executive Director at Dailymotion. She has been Vice Chairman for IAB Europe from 2012 to 2014. Stephanie graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management, one of Europe's top management schools.