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Steve Rosenbaum
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Steve Rosenbaum

Company: Waywire
Title: CEO
Location: NY, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Digital, Technology
Twitter: Magnfymedia

Steven Rosenbaum is an author, entrepreneur and curator. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s been on the front lines of the rapidly changing world of video, building new paradigms and driving change. At MTV Rosenbaum coined the term UGC, and launched MTV Unfiltered a television program entirely produced out of content created and contributed by users. His groundbreaking book Curation Nation (McGraw Hill / 2011) Rosenbaum makes a compelling case that the future of the web is curated, not created. As the CEO of the web's largest Video Curation Platform, [Waywire Networks](http://waywire.com/) - he provides a realtime curation solution that powers publishers, brands, and emerging narrowcast sites like TEDx, BBC, TimeOut NY, Columbia University, and CES. Today Rosenbaum writes about technology for Forbes and The Huffington Post.