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Sung Woo Shin
Hyundai Motor Company
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Sung Woo Shin

Company: Hyundai Motor Company
Title: Team Leader of "Venture Investment Team"
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Sung is the head of Venture Investment Team, which focuses on making strategic investments mainly in Korea, China New parking services that let drivers use apps to arrange valets and pre-book parking spots are popping up in a number of cities. Silicon Valley for Hyundai Motor Groups’ two automotive companies: Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor Company. Venture Investment Team is a part of Hyundai’s CVC Group, which also is responsible for in-house startup incubation, accelerator and business partnership with startups globally. Hyundai CVC looks at opportunities in 1) the intersection of mobile devices, the Internet, and the car; 2) cleantech and eco-friendly transportation; 3) intelligent systems and manufacturing systems; and 4) innovation in business models in personal mobility and transportation. Sung had invested and lead collaboration with PLK (automotive image recognition) and SoundHound (artificial intelligent sound recognition). He brings extensive experience and passion to the investment team, where he is leading not only strategic investments but the development of global venturing strategy and building a world-class team. Prior to joining Hyundai Motor, he worked at Hyundai Mobis, SK Innovation and a couple startups. Sung has a BS degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University and an MBA degree from China Europe International Business School.