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Susanne Botschen
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Susanne Botschen

Company: Mytheresa
Title: Co-founder
Location: Aschheim/München, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Art, Design, Culture

Susanne Botschen is the founder, owner and chief buyer of the luxury fashion online shop mytheresa.com and the high-end fashion store THERESA. situated in Munich. The Munich native studied at Germany’s Nagold Academy before opening her first boutique THERESA. in downtown Munich. As the success of the store grew, Susanne Botschen and her husband Christoph Botschen decided to target a global audience, leading to the 2006 launch of mytheresa.com. The shop is now one of the leading addresses for luxury fashion. In order to better cater to this global audience, mytheresa.com appears in French, Italian, German and English. Localization continues with the introduction of an Arabic speaking customer care team for the Middle East market. At the heart of the store is the merchandise. Over 180 top international brands like Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and many more are featured. Susanne Botschen believes that the choice of merchandise must reflect the philosophy of mytheresa.com which prides itself on taking a European approach to the trends.