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Sveinn Valfells
Flux ehf
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Sveinn Valfells

Company: Flux ehf
Title: Principal
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Science
Twitter: vinmoor

Co-wrote business plan for bioinformatics (Ingenuity Systems, acquired by Quiagen). Director of Operations at deCode Genetics prior to listing on Nasdaq in 2000. Co-founder, investor of Iceland Islandssimi, now Vodafone.is (1999-2000). Co-founder, investor Dimon Software. In the early 2000's, Dimon powered mobile.sun.com and licensed software to Nokia. Advised and invested in Arctic Ventures, a 1999 vintage Stockholm VC fund which returned 28 pct IRR over its 8 year lifetime. Seed investor in Atlas Genetics, a UK based medical diagnostics company funded by a Novartis-led syndicate since 2011. Advised and invested in IQ Capital, a 2006 Cambridge UK based venture fund with 'exits' to Google and Apple. Member of grass roots 'Advice' campaign in Iceland to reject in a 2011 plebiscite a private bank bailout, (Landsbanki, Icesave). Bitcoin expert and evangelist. Quoted in FT and WSJ; interviewed on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Newsnight, BBC Business Edition, Voice of America, CNBC, CNN and Icelandic National TV. LinkedIn member number 49,555; Facebook user 122,560; first Bitcoin purchase August, 2011.