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Sven Scheuble
Siemens Technology-to-Business Center (TTB)
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Sven Scheuble

Company: Siemens Technology-to-Business Center (TTB)
Title: Vice President and Global Head
Location: Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Start-up

Sven is responsible for the [Siemens TTB](http://www.ttb.siemens.com/en/) teams in Munich, Berkeley, Shanghai and Tel Aviv in turning innovative technologies into profitable businesses for Siemens.
He has held various management positions at Siemens and brings a decade of consulting experience to TTB, previously serving as Vice President and Partner at Siemens Management Consulting in Munich and New York City, and as a consultant and project leader with Boston Consulting Group.
Sven holds a PhD in business administration, information and communication from the University of Munich, and a master’s in business administration from the University of Tuebingen.