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Tal Muskal
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Tal Muskal

Company: CyberCyder
Title: CEO
Location: Sunnyvale, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: tmuskal

Tal Muskal was born in 1982 and raised in Israel. He is an autodidact, singularitarian and a hacker. A pioneer in semantic web technology, Tal is in charge of SemantiNet's core technology and vision. Recently, SemantiNet released its first product, headup - a browser extension that introduces a contextual and associative way to finding online content. Headup leverages semantic web concepts (and cloud computing technologies) and it seamlessly integrates relevant information from popular web services. Prior to founding SemantiNet, Tal worked at Go Networks, where he was an embedded engineer conducting R&D for a distributed WiFi solution. Tal has extensive experience serving as a consultant to numerous high-tech companies in various areas such as software design, integrated software- hardware solutions, peer to peer technologies, information systems, internet, gaming and wireless communication. Tal is an enthusiast of open source and anything collaborative. His interests include music, philosophy, gaming, AI and neuroscience.