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The Ayoub Sisters
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The Ayoub Sisters

Fields of operation: Entertainment

The Scottish – Egyptian multi-instrumentalist sisters Sarah and Laura Ayoub, are being heralded as the new sound and faces of the classical and crossover world.

The Ayoub Sisters were chosen from 10,000 online performers by music producer Mark Ronson to feature in a special presentation at the 2016 BRIT Awards. The Ayoub Sisters’ classical take on Number 1 single ‘Uptown Funk’ was personally selected by Ronson and was part of a brand new version of the song, shown at the awards. ‘It was brilliant to bring together unique talents and produce a new cover of Uptown Funk. It’s an honour that such talented people are interested in my music...we created something special’. Mark Ronson

Then after thrilling the Royal Albert Hall audience at Classic FM Live, the Ayoub Sisters were immediately signed by Universal Music. The deal is unique in that it is also a joint venture with Classic FM.

Classically trained, Sarah and Laura also bring a unique dimension as performers; they are presently believed to be the only act in the world who play two instruments together (cello & violin) through one loop station. Seeing and hearing is believing! Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3ApurhfcTw

Another unique dimension they bring to performances is that they can swap instruments during the pieces they play. Watch here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLB1HKqvYSo