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Theresa Condor
Spire Global, Inc.
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Theresa Condor

Company: Spire Global, Inc.
Title: EVP Corporate Development
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

As part of the early team at Spire, Theresa focused on building the initial business case and then taking a lead role in business development, fundraising, and corporate partnerships as it transitioned from the Ardusat project into Nanosatisfi and eventually Spire Global. In addition to spearheading Spire’s international expansion to Singapore and Glasgow, she signed Spire’s first international MOU, first LOI, and first million-dollar contract. Theresa is a board member at Spire and is now focused on building the company’s weather product and driving the application of Spire’s weather data to improved business decision-making.
Prior to Spire, Theresa spent the past decade working in emerging markets. Most recently, Theresa managed the Latin America trade syndications desk for Citibank out of NY, working at the intersection of supply chain management, global trade, and development finance at the height of the financial crisis. She has also worked on multi-million dollar contracting projects in the shipping industry and lived in Bangladesh while working for a USAID private sector development and trade promotion project.
Theresa studied at Cornell University, The London School of Economics, and Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).