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Thomas Huber
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Thomas Huber

Company: Climber
Title: Huaba Buam
Location: Berchtesgaden, Germany
Fields of operation: Other

Thomas Huber is a professional mountaineer and mountain guide from Bavaria. Together with his younger brother Alexander he is one of the Huber-Brothers, a world-leading climbing partnership. They have completed the hardest free-climbing routes in the world. At the age of 12, Thomas discovered the fascination of climbing and became step by step the alpinist he is today. Being the older of two brothers, he was the first to get introduced to the world of climbing. Alexander soon followed the footsteps of his brother, they roped up together for their first climbing trips, and found each other as the perfect climbing team. Fast ascents of classic routes, first ascents, sports climbing, ice climbing, all executed with passion. Since 1997 he became more and more interested in climbing the Himalayas. After the first ascent of the West Face on Latok II (7108m) he climbed one of the most beautiful lines in the Himalayas: the Direct North Buttress of Shivling (6543m). Thomas was born in 1966 and lives in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria together with his wife Marion and his sons Elias and Amadeus.