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Thomas Tochtermann
Self Employed
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Thomas Tochtermann

Company: Self Employed
Title: Advisor for Fashion, Luxury and Consumer Executives
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service
Twitter: ttochter

Thomas Tochtermann lives in Hamburg, Germany but operates as a true global citizen. He has worked with many Fashion, Luxury & Consumer Goods brands and groups over his career for nearly 30 years as a consultant and lately as independent advisor. His passion for Fashion and Luxury, his deep insights in the various segments (e.g.: Fashion, Jewelry, Health & Beauty), his proximity to global trends, issues and opportunities as well as his access to Executives in Europe, Americas and Asia position him as a unique discussion partner. Family (4 daughters and his wife Marianne), Travel for pleasure and business, long-time friends, business partners and new acquaintances are his stimuli for curiosity and keep him in tune with the world.