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Thorsten Dirks
Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG
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Thorsten Dirks

Company: Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG
Title: CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Other

Thorsten Dirks is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG since October 2014. Previously, he has been CEO of E-Plus Group, which now belongs to Telefónica Deutschland. Since 2011 he was additionally responsible as member of the board for the international mobile business of the Dutch telecommunication company KPN.
Holding a Master of Engineering, Thorsten Dirks joined E-Plus in 1996 and as a member of the board for many years he was in charge for innovation, networks and IT among others. He was mainly responsible for the successful multi-brand strategy of the company.
Prior to joining E-Plus Thorsten Dirks held functions at various companies in the telecommunication sector, among others at Orbitel and Vebacom. In 2009 he was author of a book about the development of the telecommunication industry („Ich, Du, Er, Sie, Es und Wir: Wie wir kommunizieren werden“).
Thorsten Dirks studied electrical engineering/communications engineering at University of Hamburg. He was born in Hamburg in 1963, is married and has a son.