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Tino Sehgal
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Tino Sehgal

Company: Artist
Title: -
Location: -, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Tino Sehgal studied dance and political economy.
His works are live situations that can be encountered during the entire opening hours of galleries and museums. These constructed situations can develop differently depending on the comportment of the visitor, thereby integrating an element of participation into the works own structure. As it is a central aim of Sehgal to not produce anything material, there are no filmic or photographic recordings of these works.
In 2005 he represented Germany at the German Pavillon in Venice and in 2010 he had a monographic exhibition at the Guggenheim museum in New York.
His other can also be found in collections in the Centre of Pompidou, the Tate Museum and Moma in New York.