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Tristram Hunt
UK Parliament
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Tristram Hunt

Company: UK Parliament
Title: Member of Parliament
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Politics

Tristram Hunt has been the Labour Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central since 2010 and currently chairs the Parliamentary Labour Party’s (PLP) Committee on Communities and Local Government. He served as Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary from October 2013 until September 2015, becoming a prominent party figure and a frequent media performer. Besides his political career Tristram is an academic and historian, and is a senior lecturer in history at Queen Mary University of London.
The author of a number of internationally acclaimed books, Tristram’s works include a history of the English Civil War, a biography of Friedrich Engels, and, most recently, Ten Cities That Made an Empire. He is a Trustee of the History of Parliament Trust and fellow of the Royal Historical Society.