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Uli Baur
Focus Magazin Verlag
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Uli Baur

Company: Focus Magazin Verlag
Title: Chefredaktion
Location: MŸnchen, Germany
Fields of operation: Media

Uli Baur is Editor-in-Chief of German news magazine FOCUS and was part of the editorial staff from the very beginning. From 1993 on, he served as deputy of Editor-in-Chief Helmut Markwort. He is also co-publisher of the business magazine FOCUS-MONEY, as well as of the education magazine FOCUS-SCHULE. Uli Baur started his career in 1977 with a voluntary service at Munich´s local newspaper Münchener Merkur, where he served as editor for three years. In 1982, he joined the Gong Verlag, where he held the position of chief editor and program director until 1991. After having relaunched the newspaper Schweriner Volkszeitung, he joined FOCUS in 1992 to help establish the news magazine.