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Uri Aviv
Utopia Festival
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Uri Aviv

Company: Utopia Festival
Title: General Director
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Science
Twitter: uriaviv

Cultural entrepreneur. Science enthusiast. Science fiction evangelist. At UTOPIA, Israel's international festival for science, imagination and the future, Uri merges a film festival with science & technology, literature, comics and design programs, alongside satellite events such as a games development, animation and an un-conference about the Technological singularity. He's fascinated by the inspirational relationship between science & technology and culture & society. There is also a high interest in the communication of science and philosophy through speculative and science fiction and the social and political challenges that technological breakthroughs entail. Uri organizes science communication events, science and cultural programs and singularity-oriented projects. He integrates different cultural disciplines in his projects: film, literature, comics, design, gaming, web art and geek culture among them. Uri has 15 years of experience in the culture and art NGO sector in Israel, running volunteer-based organizations and projects, and a decade of experience in systems and requirements analysis.