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Uri Levanon
Haste Media
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Uri Levanon

Company: Haste Media
Title: CEO
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Fields of operation: Media, Entertainment
Twitter: urilevanon

Uri Levanon is the founder and CEO of Haste Media - a boutique digital entertainment and media advisory firm. Haste works with global entertainment & media corporates, investors, startups, and creative talents - to source potential investment deals, develop growth strategies, explore biz dev opportunities and provide general counsel in the digital entertainment field. In addition, under the "Haste" brand, Uri has started Haste Films - a feature film production company, where he collaborates with talented filmmakers from all over the world to produce engaging, story-driven films, bringing his unique expertise in digital marketing. Previously, Uri has founded watchMedia Network - a YouTube MCN, with around 1m daily views across various content channels. watchMedia has been working with leading brands and corporates to generate awareness and buzz through video content, reaching multi-million views worldwide.