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Ursula Becker-Peloso
Social Sense NPO
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Ursula Becker-Peloso

Company: Social Sense NPO
Title: Director Fundraising
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Social, Education

Ursula Becker is Director of Fundraising at the Catholic Women Social Service and the Social Sense GmbH. Both NGOs are based in Munich. In 150 subsidiaries nationwide the Catholic Women Social Service and the Social Sense NPLTD take care for children, women and families in need. With her background in economics Ursula has followed developments in Social Business and in Business Ethics for over 20 years and focuses on developing strategic partnerships with Foundations and Cooperations. Her past executive positions in Sales and Marketing in intern. cooperations is helping her to find the right strategic Partners who support burdened children to have a safe and happy childhood, to protect families in need and to establish employability programs for young women which gives them the chance to reach their potential. Ursula believes that only women can make the world change to the better. Only experienced and powerful businesswomen will be able to design company programs to support women and families, because it is in their genes. Her philosophy has been to support business women in numerous female business networks to combine their business behaviour with their social competence.