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Val Sigal
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Val Sigal

Company: ELLO
Title: CEO
Location: United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

The American businessman,Val Sigal, founder of Symbolic Entertainment, founder of the Russian music video channel ELLO. The activities of this successful American entrepreneur start from the music distribution in iTunes. In 2006, in Los Angeles, he founded the company Symbolic Entertainment, becoming the first one to open the way for Russian-speaking artists in the U.S. market and the largest online digital store of the planet. With the development of video service YouTube Valery Segal decided to launch a project that would unite all the Russian-language music on one channel. The flagship project of Symbolic Entertainment Group has become the video channel ELLO - the largest aggregator of music and entertainment content in Eastern Europe. ELLO is the most visited online music channel in Russia. Platform for the promotion of artists from Russia, Ukraine and other countries in few months became a leader in the music segment of YouTube. YouTube channel ELLO music now successfully competes to the world leading Internet and TV music stations. Since its launch on YouTube on September 1, 2011 ELLO has outrun on number of views almost all the world record labels’ YouTube channels: Warner, Sony Music, EMI, Universal... ELLO is in the hundred of the most popular channels of YouTube service. ELLO partners are the largest Russian and international music companies such as Universal Music, First music publisher, Gala Records, Velvet Music, Monolith, and others. Best Russian music clip-makers - Alan Badoev, Vlad Opeljants, Alex Dubrovin, Sergey Solodkiy chose ELLO channel to premiere their latest video clips. To date, ELLO is one of the few successful examples of the digital distribution of Russian and Ukrainian pop and rock music throughout the world.