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Wolf Garbe
FAROO Limited
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Wolf Garbe

Company: FAROO Limited
Title: CEO
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Start-up
Twitter: faroo_p2p

Dr Wolf Garbe is co-founder and CEO of FAROO, a start-up that decentralizes search. Already 2.5 million peers are connected into a global web search engine. A free API provides an open platform, enabling innovation & diversity in search. Founded in 2007, London based FAROO has been a TechCrunch40 finalist and received a series A funding from the Li Ka-Shing foundation and Solina Chau. Earlier, Wolf also co-founded the BINGOOO AG, a startup with agent based, federated search technology. Wolf holds a Diploma in Information Technologies and a Dr-Ing. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dresden.