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Wolfgang Buttress
Wolfgang Buttress
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Wolfgang Buttress

Company: Wolfgang Buttress
Title: Artist
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: WButtress

Wolfgang Buttress creates multi-sensory artworks which seek to define and celebrate a sense of place. Increasingly, he has drawn inspiration from nature, collaborating with experts to explore and interpret scientific discoveries. It is fundamental to his practice that artworks engage with their context.
UNA, Canberra(2013) draws-upon the star mapping research of astrophysicist Dr Daniel Bayliss of the Australian National University (ANU) to create a microcosm of our night sky inside a 4m diametre sphere. This research was also the basis for Lucent (2015) an installation in the iconic John Hanncock Centre in Chicago. Wolfgang collaborated with Physicist Dr Martin Bencsik on the UK Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015, which has won over twenty five awards including the BIE’s Gold Medal for best architecture and landscape and the Italian Association of Architects “Best Pavilion” Milan Expo 2015. The sculptural centerpiece of the Pavilion, The Hive, is now installed at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London. The Hive creates an immersive visitor experience with light and sound responding to the energy of a living bee colony.