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Yaal Tevet
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Yaal Tevet

Title: Partner
Location: tel aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Yaal Tevet & Roy Roth are the founders and core designers of R O T H \\ T E V E T > EXPERIENCEDESIGN studio. Established 2003, the studio is focused on creating public and commercial environments. While combining architecture, design, technology and sound, the duo aims to create projects that enchant, entertain, and inspire all senses. Aside to design for retail and entertainment businesses, Roth & Tevet design and plan visitor centers, exhibitions and museums. In 2006, the Tower of David Museum, in Jerusalem, commissioned what was developed to an extraordinary project. A 1600 sq.m archeological site was transformed in to a vast robotic orchestra, performing live music by composer David Fire. Visitors had a unique chance to experience music in a new way, As if walking on a stage, between the players of an orchestra. Combining music and space has been one of Tevet & Roth's main interests, since their first projects. In 2004, together with designer Inbal Gil, the two created an installation for the Salone Satellite in the annual design fair in Milan, titled "Sonic-Garden". spreading on 100 sqm space, a field of 50 "humpty-dumpty" human sized "blobs" created an interactive musical lounge. By tilting and sitting on the "blobs" visitors activated an internal speaker. Every "blob" produced a layer of sound, gathering in to a complete composition. The installation has since toured to Prague ,Amsterdam, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Roth & Tevet are both graduates of Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem. (dpt. industrial design, 1998). The two lecture frequently in academies in Israel.